Air Navigation Services

HungaroControl as an integrated (civil and military) air navigation service provider guarantees the efficient flow of all flights operated in accordance with the rules of general air traffic (GAT) in the Hungarian airspace, ranging from aircraft departing from or landing at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport to overflying traffic in upper airspace. 

In ANS III, the Budapest air traffic control centre covering nearly ten thousand square meters and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Hungarian experts control Hungary’s air traffic using MATIAS, one of the most modern air navigation systems. HungaroControl’s flight safety performance is renowned even in an international comparison, and the company has not caused a single second of delay to airlines or passengers in the past 10 years.

At the airport of the Hungarian capital (BUD), aerodrome controllers, and in the Budapest Air Traffic Control Centre, approach and area controllers are on 24-hour duty. Hungarian air traffic controllers (ATCOs) manage about 600,000 flights per year on average, and in intensive periods, an aircraft enters Hungary’s airspace in every 30-40 seconds. The daily average is 1700, and the all-time high was 3257 aircraft controlled in a single day. For flights in the uncontrolled airspace, HungaroControl provides a flight information service.

Based on temporary assignment from NATO, from 2014 HungaroControl also manages the upper airspace over Kosovo, which is a major diplomatic success for Hungary and a significant professional recognition for the company.

Please see HungaroControl’s regularly updated professional information on the Aeronautical Information website