To facilitate continuous descent approaches, we have developed MergeStrip, a new air traffic planning tool that helps air traffic controllers to schedule arriving traffic in a more efficient way, thereby reducing fuel burn, CO2 emissions, and the noise exposure for people living near airports.

MergeStrip allocates aircraft preparing to land at a specific airport to a “number line” taking into account their actual position and speed. This helps controllers to plan more effectively, and makes their workflow more predictable.

MergeStrip brings a brand new way of representing the current traffic sequence, both horizontally and vertically with the only requirement of 3 waypoints in the TMA.

Key features of the latest version of MergeStrip:

  • Web-based centralized solution
  • Authentication and authorization mechanism
  • Determination of operation type based on EUROCONTROL B2B services
  • Customization of the MMI on distance-separation units, look and feel
  • Compatible with multiple data input sources
    • Independent PildoBox
    • Backup radar system
  • Multiple runway operation configurations
    • Independent/Dependent runways

MergeStrip developed by PildoLabs based on HungaroControl’s invention. It is compatible with PildoBox data interface, providing ADS-B and Mode-S data.

Daily-Fuel is a web-based performance reporting service to monitor:

  • Level of implementation of Continuous Descent Operations
  • Establish fuel consumption baseline on which any improvement could be measureable
  • Report other TMA operational KPIs

Daily-Fuel and PildoBox are developed products by PildoLabs.