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The pseudo-pilot simulation software of the future is being developed through Icelandic-Hungarian cooperation
The Icelandic and Hungarian air navigation service providers expressed their commitment to developing the simulation software, used for training air traffic controllers, through signing a cooperation agreement. Their goal, through mutually beneficial sharing of knowledge, is to create the best pseudo-pilot interface, utilizing Icelandic Air Navigation Service Provider Isavia's technological infrastructure and HungaroControl's industry expertise.
HungaroControl has won Jane’s Air Traffic Control Awards for Remote Tower technology
First Certified Remote Tower for Medium-Capacity Airports, nominated by HungaroControl and Searidge Technologies, has won Jane’s Air Traffic Control Awards in the runway category.  This is the first time HungaroControl has been recognized with this award.
Successful first SESAR 2020 Multiple Remote Tower validation for three airports
“Single” remote tower settings have already been deployed in former projects; however, most significant impacts in cost-effectiveness are to be expected with multiple and/or centre settings. The SESAR 2020 project PJ05 aims to bring the concept of remotely controlling multiple airports to the next maturity level. In November 2017, Frequentis AG, HungaroControl, DLR, and Selex ES GmbH (Leonardo LTP) conducted a first successful validation campaign on “Remote Tower for Multiple airports” in Braunschweig.
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