Closer cooperation in Hungarian civil and military air navigation service provision
Budapest, February 12, 2019 – Cooperation agreement was signed today by Tibor Benkő, Hungarian Defence Minister and Kornél Szepessy, CEO of HungaroControl Hungarian Air Navigation Services.
Increasing number of drone sightings in Hungary
Last year, the number of drone sighting reports quadrupled in Hungarian airspace. In 2018, pilots reported disruption over a dozen times to HungaroControl - Hungarian Air Navigation Service Provider.  The company took the necessary steps each time.
2018 is the year of records in the history of HungaroControl
In 2018 HungaroControl managed secure air traffic for more than one million aircraft - for the first time since the company’s establishment. However, the Hungarian Air Navigation Service Provider has not only achieved impressive results in the field of air traffic control last year but also received several international and domestic awards for recognizing its innovation activities.


HungaroControl has won € 11.3 million of EU funding to implement new developments
HungaroControl has been granted € 11.3 million, the largest EU funding of its history for new developments. Recently, four of our projects have benefited from a development resource, the most significant being the ’mirTWR’ program for tower control systems.
Christmas laser-lights - Use with responsibility
Budapest, (Dec. 15, 2018). - Each holiday season HungaroControl receives several reports from pilots due to distraction by residential laser-lights which can temporarily blind them.
HungaroControl hosted Thales Users Group Conference in Budapest
HungaroControl hosted Thales Users Group Conference in Budapest between 24 and 26 September. TUG is an international forum in the civil aviation industry since 1991 with the aim to foster cooperation between ANSPs and Thales. More than 140 delegates and 30 organisations exchanged best practices, shared views on innovation and digital transformation.
Cooperation agreement between Ministry of Defense and HungaroControl
Dr. Tibor Benkő, Minister of Defense and Kornél Szepessy, Chief Executive Officer of HungaroControl Hungarian Air Traffic Management Ltd. (HC Zrt.) signed a cooperation agreement on 5 September, 2018 in Budapest, at the Ministry of Defense.
Successful SESAR 2020 PJ03a validation for Airport Follow the Greens and Optimised Routing
SESAR members recently validated a ground lighting system that provides aircraft and other types of vehicles with easier and safer way to make their way around the airport tarmac, taxiways and runways. The exercise was the validation of the SESAR 2020 PJ03a-01 Surface Management Advanced Routing and Improved Guidance tools for Controllers.
Gate One CEO’s for future of the ATM environment
The Gate One CEO’s met on May 11th in Budapest to discuss high level ATM issues relevant for the Gate One region.
The pseudo-pilot simulation software of the future is being developed through Icelandic-Hungarian cooperation
The Icelandic and Hungarian air navigation service providers expressed their commitment to developing the simulation software, used for training air traffic controllers, through signing a cooperation agreement. Their goal, through mutually beneficial sharing of knowledge, is to create the best pseudo-pilot interface, utilizing Icelandic Air Navigation Service Provider Isavia's technological infrastructure and HungaroControl's industry expertise.