Flight Safety and Quality Management

The core activity of HungaroControl Pte. Ltd. Co. is to provide air navigation services in the airspace of Hungary and in certain contracted airspaces outside Hungary. 

Every year hundreds of thousands of aircraft and several million passengers on board use our services in a direct or indirect way. Our primary goal is to accomplish our task at a very high safety standard and in a very efficient manner, which are expectations today, at the beginning of the 21st century.

In order to enable each and every one of our employees to cooperate and contribute towards maintaining and improving the safety performance of our company, we operate an integrated safety and quality management system. By running and promoting this system we are able to ensure that the aspects of safety are duly considered at every phase of our activity, let this be a clearance issued to the flight crew of an aircraft, the protection of HungaroControl premises, the planning of resources, the procurement of equipment, or the training of personnel maintaining this equipment.

The backbone of the system is the Safety and Quality Management Policy, where we declare our most important objectives and undertakings.

Safety and Security Director
HungaroControl Pte. Ltd. Co.