International Relations

The management of HungaroControl is committed to underscoring the international and European engagement of our Company, and to advancing our international cooperation and successful advocacy. 

HungaroControl’s external relations strategy remains essentially determined by the requirements arising from the Single European Sky (SES) regulation package; in addition to creating functional air space blocks, strengthening collaboration with air navigation service provider partners is our primary focus. 

In the course of integrating the European sky, those service providers will attain a better position that are able to establish cooperation strengthening their strategic positions and achieving community goals, and are able, as a result of successful advocacy, to actively shape, rather than passively participate in the international processes in the next few years. HungaroControl takes the initiative to establish collaborations along meaningful community objectives (SES). It endeavours to set up such specific relationships primarily in the region, with FAB CE countries, but its position may also be significantly strengthened by collaboration with partners beyond the immediate vicinity. 

In order to satisfy community requirements, HungaroControl strives to establish various types of collaboration with regional service providers based on its strategic strengths. Certain subfields of purchasing, planning or operations, and certain expert services – provided to other ANSPs – may all be cooperation or breakout points that provide a basis for HungaroControl to secure a stronger strategic position for itself. 

EU funding plays an important role in helping HungaroControl reach its strategic goals. Please click the logo for detailed information about projects co-funded by the European Union.