Frequentis SESAR Partners Team Up for SESAR 2020

Recently the SESAR JU selected a consortium consisting of the partners HungaroControl, Steria, Bull and FREQUENTIS, as candidate member for the SESAR 2020 programme. Now the consortium, led by FREQUENTIS, has been invited to participate in the dialogue phase.

The consortium encompasses stakeholders from each phase of the value chain: an ATM system manufacturer and integrator, air navigation and IT services providers as well as cybersecurity and software engineering companies. Each of the partners brings its core competencies into the broad range of intended activities. The team will address all phases of the SESAR Research & Development (R&D) process, from concept definition to validation, from verification to pre-industrialisation. Due to its unique composition, FREQUENTIS and partners are generating added value for the SESAR 2020 programme.

The alliance aims to accelerate SESAR-compliant solutions development for Europe’s future ATM system. This innovative approach includes the following areas of R&D activities:

  • Performance optimisation through automation and big data analysis
  • Human-centred applications
  • Technology enablers like service-oriented architecture (SOA) for advanced voice and data communication, interoperability of validation platforms (Shared Virtual Sky) services and System Wide Information Management (SWIM)