HungaroControl has won Jane’s Air Traffic Control Awards for Remote Tower technology

First Certified Remote Tower for Medium-Capacity Airports, nominated by HungaroControl and Searidge Technologies, has won Jane’s Air Traffic Control Awards in the runway category.  This is the first time HungaroControl has been recognized with this award.

Jane’s Air Traffic Control Awards recognize the greatest achievements and the most innovative solutions in the airspace management industry. They showcase the best the ATM community can do in terms of aiding flight efficiency, cutting emissions and improving safety. The 18th annual Jane’s ATC Awards winners were announced during the World ATM Congress in Madrid in March. 

Searidge Technologies Inc and HungaroControl Pte. Ltd. Co. became the winner of the runway category for the remote tower solution for Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD). The technology was certified by the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority for live operations with HungaroControl in November 2017. The remote tower is the first of its kind to be approved for operations without capacity restrictions at a medium-sized airport, with no shadow operations needed from the existing air traffic control tower. This 21st century innovation not only answers actual challenges at the air navigation systems, but it is also a pioneer in the sector.

“HungaroControl and Searidge have created a strong partnership, and together have achieved remarkable things,” explains Kornél Szepessy, CEO, HungaroControl. “Our combined efforts have not only resulted in a certified remote tower for Budapest airport, but also created an opportunity for us to share what we have learned to help other ANSPs with their remote tower programs. Constant innovation and improvement is very important for HungaroControl. This award shows that we’re on the right path.”

All tower controllers have been trained on the remote tower system, which is initially being used for contingency operations, live training, and as a back-up system. By 2020, HungaroControl aims to operate a full-time remote tower at Budapest.