The pseudo-pilot simulation software of the future is being developed through Icelandic-Hungarian cooperation

The Icelandic and Hungarian air navigation service providers expressed their commitment to developing the simulation software, used for training air traffic controllers, through signing a cooperation agreement. Their goal, through mutually beneficial sharing of knowledge, is to create the best pseudo-pilot interface, utilizing Icelandic Air Navigation Service Provider Isavia's technological infrastructure and HungaroControl's industry expertise.

Joint developments, exchanging experience, and mutually beneficial sharing of knowledge in similar areas of development. These are the key elements of the cooperation agreement, being present in the very first joint development project.

Icelandic Air Navigation Service Provider Isavia, in2017, came to a decision to rework their TSIM simulation software, which, by then, they have been using for a decade, and to implement new procedures and technological advancements in their simulation environment to counter the ever-growing air traffic.

The TSIM software, developed by Tern System, an Isavia subsidiary, is capable of providing air traffic controller training in all areas in a practice-oriented simulation environment.

The cooperation's developmental goal is to create a live testing environment, thereby ensuring air traffic controllers have a training experience as realistic and lifelike as possible.

HungaroControl contributed industry expertise and experience to the project. Hungarian simulation developers, operational experts and pseudo-pilots at CRDS are familiar with multiple simulation systems, which helped them conceptualize the best possible pseudo-pilot interface and, through their suggestions, aid with the implementation of efficient solutions. To this end, during simulations, they utilized the actual database of Iceland's 5.4 square kilometer upper airspace.

Tern Systems’s project manager Sæmundur Ingi Johnsen said about a cooperation:

By bringing in HungaroControl expertise and knowledge, we are certain that we will receive valuable input so that we can take the product to the next level.“

HungaroControl CEO Kornél Szepessy looked upon the project with appreciation:

„Isavia and HungaroControl both come under the umbrella of small and mid-sized ANSPs, but we are similar not only in size: we are also connected by our endeavors towards innovation and our need to constantly advance and develop.“