Common Gate One position agreed in shaping future Single European Sky legislation package

Common Gate One agreement partiocipants

Bucharest, 3 June 2019 – Gate One coordination platform - CEOs of thirteen ANSPs - agreed on common positions on the Airspace Architecture Study and the Report of Wise Persons Group. Both these documents will play a crucial role in shaping future Single European Sky legislation package, which is to be prepared by the European Commission. Gate One also agreed that they support high level structural changes in European ATM and consider it an opportunity to which they would like to contribute in a constructive manner. Gate One partners will continue to closely collaborate within CANSO Europe to its advocacy activity, as they constitute a substantial part of its membership.

Ms. Regula Dettling-Ott, Chairperson of the Performance Review Body of the Single European Sky, Mr. Razvan Bucuroiu, Head of Network Strategy and Development Division of the Network Manager and Ms. Tanja Grobotek, Director of European Affairs of CANSO discussed together with Gate One partners about the future of the European Airspace in the context of the Airspace Architecture Study and Wise Persons Group Report. In the discussion they focused on future of European ATM, changes necessary to enable further development of the sector and their impact on the existing regulatory framework. ANSPs of the region, represented in the Gate One coordination platform, have seen a high traffic increase in the past years, but have managed to cope with it and contribute to the overall European ATM capacity.