We are focused on ensuring flight safety in the face of increased traffic and extreme weather conditions

HungaroControl's primary mission remains the continued focus on preserving aviation safety. The exceptional situation that has developed across Europe in recent months poses complex challenges for all players in the aviation industry. Increasingly extreme and frequent storm chains due to climate change have caused significant delays and flight cancellations across Europe. The number of aircraft handled in the airspace controlled by HungaroControl is currently 25-30% higher than in the same period of the year before the coronavirus. In addition to the significant capacity expansions by airlines, the airspace closure due to the Russian-Ukrainian war has played a major role in this extreme increase. Flight delays are not a Hungarian phenomenon; they are also common in Europe for the reasons mentioned above. The number of Air Traffic Controllers has increased from 179 to 185 compared to 2019, and in the face of increased flight numbers and extreme weather events in the airspace, they are working with reinforced services and at full capacity to ensure the safety of aircraft and passengers.