HungaroControl: New partnership and Success at the World ATM Congress, Madrid

HungaroControl's pioneering remote Tower concept with its advanced implementation plan achieved massive interest. A trilateral collaboration between HungaroControl, Thales and Searidge was formed at the World ATM Congress (WAC) which is based upon a shared, compelling vision for a robust and flexible remote tower solution.

HungaroControl’s participation at WAC held in Madrid from 8-10 March was a definite success especially the remote tower concept presented by Gyula Hangyál, ATM director. The company aims to operate a remote contingency tower in Budapest in 2017 and a full-time remote tower as of 2018. The Budapest airport will be the world’s first remotely controlled airport of its size and complexity, with nearly 100,000 movements per year.

HungaroControl’s simulation centre (CRDS) suitable for the validation of new technologies: the Free Route Airspace, CPDLC, PBN, the MergeStrip tool met with considerable interest from the professional audience. 

At the exhibition HungaroControl signed a partnership agreement with Thales for near-term opportunities as well as collaborative development of more sophisticated remote tower solution. Thales also signed a partnership agreement with Searigde, so a trilateral collaboration has been formed which is based upon a shared, compelling vision for robust and flexible remote tower operations that can be implemented quickly and cost effectively. “The development and deployment of remote towers is yet another way HungaroControl will deliver benefits to its users. Partnering with Thales and Searidge accelerates these benefits for Hungarian airspace users and allows us to share our expertise with other ANSPs.” – said Dezső Dudás, Head of Strategy and Project Management, HungaroControl.

The Hungarian ANSP as an  innovative air navigation service provider is a forerunner in developing and implementing a new value-generating operational concepts. Thales brings its portfolio of air traffic management technologies and system integration expertise to this partnership, while Searidge Technologies, a leader in intelligent video solutions for safe and efficient airport operations, brings advanced technology and experience relevant to the remote tower application.

Nearly all innovations of HungaroControl, Free Route Airspace, simulation-based solutions, CPDLC and MergeStrip presented at the exhibition met with extensive interest from industrial suppliers. For four years HungaroControl puts great emphasis on presenting its innovative air traffic management solutions, research and development results as well as the services of CRDS (its Centre of Research, Development and Simulation) to the players of the aviation industry. Central Europe’s largest ATC simulation facility, CRDS not only supports HungaroControl but also offers validation-based solutions to other ANSPs. With the help of fast-time and real-time simulations, CRDS’ validation methodology helps maximise benefits in terms of capacity, efficiency and the environment – and minimise safety-related risks.  

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