Building resilience through innovation

Budapest, 13 October 2020 – During the last few days, one of the most significant developments at HungaroControl has commenced: the upgrade of the company’s air navigation and voice communication systems. As of today and following yesterday’s successful changeover, air traffic controllers will deliver services in the Hungarian and upper-airspace of Kosovo from HungaroControl’s contingency control center.

As a result of technological modernization, HungaroControl professionals – a leading innovator in Hungary – will be able to ensure the highest levels of safety from one of the most advanced air traffic control centers in Europe. The aim of the project will be to upgrade the existing hardware and network infrastructure of the MATIAS air navigation system and the Frequentis voice communication system. Both of which have been continuously in operation for the last 7 years without a stop. Moreover, operational software will also be modernized in cooperation with experts from Thales.

Furthermore, new workstations and recreation rooms will support the work of air traffic controllers, who will be able to use work surfaces in both standing and sitting positions.  The large-scale project requires an efficient and consistent cooperation of various functional experts from HungaroControl, from air traffic control to regulatory and training management. Within the framework of this modernization, fifty-five workstations will be refurbished and thousands of hardware components will be replaced.

Over the next six months in parallel with modernization activities, HungaroControl will continue to deliver safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable services from its contingency air traffic control center.