SEAFRA Real-Time Simulation at HungaroControl’s CRDS

Air Traffic Controllers and ATM experts from CCL (Croatia Control), SMATSA (Serbia and Montenegro Air Traffic Services) and BHANSA (Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Navigation Services Agency) successfully conducted the SEAFRA (South-East Axis Free Route Airspace) Real-Time Simulation between 16th and 25th March, 2016 at HungaroControl’s CRDS (Centre of Research, Development and Simulation)

A total of 39 controllers and 12 ATM experts arrived to Budapest to test different scenarios in order to improve the implementation of cross-border free route planning concept. CCL, SMATSA and BHANSA are planning to introduce Free Route Airspace without time restrictions, thus, validating its impact on airspace sector configuration was in demand. Among the main objectives were the assessment of both Human Factors and safety related issues, which provided valuable input to support future seamless FRA operations in the area.