HungaroControl Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Programme Launched

With the co-operation of the key participants of air navigation industry, HungaroControl’s new customer satisfaction and service improvement programme has been launched with the fundamental purpose of improving the services on the basis of feedback from various airlines. In addition to HungaroControl’s experts, pilots from four large international airlines, including Lufthansa, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines and Wizzair, also participated in the inaugural event of the programme, the first Airline Workshop. At the professional workshops of the two-day conference held in late November 2013, the participants discussed technological innovations, workflow processes and procedures that serve the purposes of increasing aviation security and air navigation services.


Air traffic controllers, civil aviation pilots, air navigation security professionals and procedure designers participated in the first HC Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Programme. The two-day inaugural conference of the new customer satisfaction and service improvement programme, trailblazing in Hungarian air navigation, was built around three main current topics. The first workshop tackled capacity and flexibility issues related to transit traffic in the high airspace, more specifically, the introduction of free route, among others, also touching upon the CPDLC (Controller–Pilot Datalink Communications) procedure mandatorily introduced in February 2015 pursuant to the European Commission’s relevant regulation. The second workshop analysed the conditions of implementing constant landing and taking off, and the related innovations and regulations. The title of the third workshop was “Security, Efficiency and Environment Protection”, within which the experts paid special attention to the measures aimed at achieving the most favourable airport movement routes and at cutting fuel consumption.

The conference participants also discussed professional training courses and the practicable forms of learning new methods of work. Based on the recommendations made at the workshops, within the framework of the HC Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Programme the air navigation services offered by HungaroControl will be consciously developed in order to serve the company’s customers, namely airlines, at the highest possible standard. 

At the end of the event, airline pilots had the opportunity to try their skills at controlling air traffic at HungaroControl’s Centre of Research, Development and Simulation.