Visual Flight Rules Aviation Safety Forum – another successful event organized by HungaroControl

Budapest, March 5, 2021 - HungaroControl recently held the fifth VFR Safety Forum. The forum aims to support pilots through industry dialogue and knowledge-sharing, thereby promoting aviation safety. This year’s event was held virtually as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, nonetheless, this did not impact participation, with about one hundred and fifty pilots joining live stream session.

Pilots this year were able to listen to presentations on how to prepare for their flights sufficiently, as well as the importance of submitting a flight plan, and how to avoid unnecessary frequency congestion. They were also able to gain insight into the experiences of tower controllers involved in VFR practice flights performed at Budapest Airport. They were able to learn from the lessons of the 2020 air traffic control supervision, the aviation safety risks revealed by incident investigations, as well as the new rules for the use of ad-hoc airspace and the effects of military flights on uncontrolled airspace traffic.

Mihály Kurucz, HungaroControl's Director of Safety and Quality Management and Internal Audit said “the outstanding attendance and success of this year's virtual conference is clear proof of the commitment of small aircraft pilots to increase flight safety and deepen their knowledge required for it. An important feedback for HungaroControl is that the VFR Aviation Safety Forum has a raison d'être even in these difficult circumstances, and we must therefore continue this tradition. We thank the Aviation Authority of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, the Directorate of Special Services of the Police, the State Aviation Department of the Ministry of Defence and the State Aviation Incident Investigation Department of the Hungarian Air Force. They make an invaluable contribution to the professionalism of this forum”.