New Communication Channel to Improve the Efficiency of Hungarian Air Traffic Management
HungaroControl launched its large-scale CPDLC (Controller Pilot Data Link Communications) project with the aim of developing the Hungarian air traffic infrastructure with the most modern technology in accordance with European integration requirements (Single European Sky, SES).
White spot cleared on Europe’s map of aviation
Hungarian Air Navigation Services provide air navigation services in the upper airspace over Kosovo Air traffic in the re-opened airspace over Kosovo after 15 years has significantly changed the traffic flow in the European airspace. Supported by HungaroControl’s multiple cross border, remote operations on NATO mandate, the airspace has reached its full capacity. Hungarian and international participants of the re-opening project celebrated the success of the project with a gala event at the Budapest headquarters of the Hungarian air navigation services provider, technical implementer of the project and inaugurated the Kosovo Park.
New Hungarian Developments Presented at the World ATM Congress Exhibition in Madrid
HungaroControl presented new products and services of its Centre of Research, Development and Simulation (CRDS) at the air traffic management sector’s prestigious professional exhibition organised between 4 and 6 March, 2014. The products and services offered by the Centre to air navigation service providers improve safety, cost-efficiency and environment-friendliness in air traffic.
HungaroControl’s Customer Satisfaction Survey
A survey launched within the framework of HungaroControl (HC)’s new service quality and customer satisfaction programme focused on flight safety issues, the Hungarian route network and airspace structure, as well as flexible and cost-efficient aviation. The online questionnaires were completed by more than five hundred pilots from sixteen airlines. Building on the findings of the survey, HC will continue its service improvement programme.
HungaroControl Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction Programme Launched
With the co-operation of the key participants of air navigation industry, HungaroControl’s new customer satisfaction and service improvement programme has been launched with the fundamental purpose of improving the services on the basis of feedback from various airlines. In addition to HungaroControl’s experts, pilots from four large international airlines, including Lufthansa, Ryanair, Turkish Airlines and Wizzair, also participated in the inaugural event of the programme, the first Airline Workshop. At the professional workshops of the two-day conference held in late November 2013, the participants discussed technological innovations, workflow processes and procedures that serve the purposes of increasing aviation security and air navigation services.